Mar 29, 2020

Lyon Suisse A.G.

Until very recently, the highly profitable venue of hard asset commodity trading (in particular, precious metals) was a cryptic trading environment reserved for the very savvy minded or wealthy elite.

Through our unique approach to pooled commodity funds, Lyon Suisse A.G. is systematically breaking down the barriers surrounding precious metals trading. This time-proven, wealth-generating tool is now available to both the novice and experienced investor on a worldwide basis.

We cover the entire hard commodity trading life cycle from start to finish through the utilization of our proprietary contracts with ore extracting mines, financial institutions and precious metal brokers, dealers and refiners. Our expertise in this venue allows us to maximize revenue and eliminate expensive third-party fees and expenses, thus resulting in a much more lucrative bottom-line.

To learn more about our company, our work, and our unique team of professional contract traders, visit our Internet website About Us page.